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Publish Time : 2016-05-13

Location : Yuyuantan Park



May 14th,12.40pm - 6.00pm


  • Students who go on a spring outing will be divided into several groups.
  • First of all, they need to find the location of games according to the map of Yuyuantan Park by themselves.
  • Then, they are supposed to finish six games together in the given time, and the first three teams arriving at the finish will get the higher score.
  • During the spring outing, each group can also increase score by finding “bonus”, which means students in one group can work together to find some special spots and take photos in Yuyuantan Park on the basis of pictures that are provided by event staffs at the start of activity.
  • Finally, we will play some group games together in the Cherry garden as well.


1. Long Rope Jumping

2. Kangaroo Jump

3. Square Dance

4. Back-carrying Rope Jumping

5. Clamping Ping-Pong with Back

6. Draw something

( We will announce the rules when the activity begin )


Offered by IBS Student Union

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