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Date - July 27,2015

In June, invited by the first international graduates receiving Scholarship of Youth of Excellence Scheme of China (YES-China), SCUT Vice President Zhu Min attended a symposium with the first twelve students graduating from the program. Directors from School of International Education and School of Business Administration were also present on the symposium.

 Nawaphan Pimol Kusuma is the Liaison officer of Office of the Permanent Secretary of Thai Ministry of Education, who is also a student of the SCUT MBA Master Program for Developing Countries, receiving the scholarship of YES-China.

 “I have improved a lot in the last year, both in knowledge and in skill. During the field trips to Chao Shan area, Wuhan, Nanjing and Quanzhou, I learned Chinese culture from multiple angles and I was deeply impressed by the generosity of China and the university.” He said.

 On the symposium, five graduates from Mongolia, Burma, Laos, Thailand and Ethiopia shared their studies and lives during the last year at SCUT, expressing their sincere appreciation to the Chinese Government and the university for providing such a platform for them to learn and to develop their potentials.


International student sharing their studies and lives at SCUT

Bouthalath Souliy is a student from Laos and also a deputy director at Vientiane Procurator’s Office. He said during his study at SCUT, he has gained much knowledge and experience in economy and management, when he also learned lessons of life in China. Furthermore, he has experienced the rapid development of economy and technology in China, as well as its advanced education system.

 Keba Hunde Yadeta, a student from Ethiopia, addressed on the symposium that he has reached a deeper understanding on Chinese culture and economy through his study. He believes this will help him to better serve the country and the people, making him a messenger between China and Ethiopia.

 Zhu Min stated that during the one-year study, the international students have completed multiple modules on business management and Chinese language and culture, experiencing the sophistication of the great Chinese culture and the fast economic development in today's China. He is delighted about what the students has achieved in this campus.

 He expects the students to keep their feelings to China and SCUT after they returned to their home countries. He wishes the graduates could truly understand the Chinese language, which reflects the wisdom of the Chinese tradition and the excellent qualities of the Chinese people.


Vice President Zhu Min giving summary speech on the symposium

Zhu Min also looks forward to see the students become bridges of friendship and links of cooperation between China and their own countries, contributing to the development of the bilateral relations. He expects to have opportunities to invite the students back to SCUT every year, and to keep the friendship in a long term.

The SCUT MBA program for Developing Countries is one of the first scholarship programs for Youth of Excellence Scheme of China, which was initiated by the Chinese Ministry of Education, aiming to train senior professional talents in business management for developing countries. The first enrollment at SCUT was twelve international students from Mongolia, Burma, Laos, Thailand and Ethiopia.

The program is jointly organized by School of International Education and School of Business Administration. After satisfactorily reaching the educational goals during the first term of the program, the second enrollment of students will register in this September.


Chinese version written by School of International Education

Translated by Xu Peimu and Li Yudan

Edited by Xu Peimu

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