Study Abroad - What Parents Should Know?

For parents - Before you decide to send your child you must have an idea about the following:

Is your child ready to make the trip? 

» What do you know about academics on his/her study abroad program? 

» How much do you / your child know about the host city? 

» Where will your child be living and eating? 

» Have you made appropriate financial arrangements?


You need to:

» Read up as much as you can find on your host country. 

» Talk to people who have been on the program like students or professors. 

» Talk to the people in your country who are from the host country.


The checklist:

» Find out the correct time of the beginning of the course and see to it that your child's tickets and visa are ready; don't leave either of these things till the last date. 

» Book your child's tickets well in advance and re-check/confirm them 72 hours before the flight. This is mandatory procedure with most airlines. 

» Make sure that you know the size and weight limits of the baggage that is allowed and do not exceed the limit. Your child may have to carry his/her own luggage pack sensibly. 

» Have a photocopy of your child's passport and other important documents. 

» Make sure that you know what is the weather presently in the country your child is going to and what the general weather is like and pack clothes according to that. It will be very expensive for your child to buy clothes or any other item for a while after he reaches there. Also find out about the inoculations he/she needs to take and the time period for them. See that it's over well before he is due to leave. If the child is are under certain prescribed drugs make sure he/she has a permit to carry it with him/her as both availability and cost may be a problem abroad. 

» Make sure of his staying arrangements. Especially if he/her is going to reach on a weekend or late at night, be sure as to who is picking him/her up and where and also where he/she is to stay (if a weekend) till they move into the college campus. Have your contact's phone number and address and give a copy to your child also. Let him have a rough idea how to get to his/her host's place from the airport in case of an emergency. 

» Find out the popular modes of transportation there, whether there is a reliable public transport or do he/she needs to make their own arrangements. 

» Also find out if you he/she to meet the school authorities on his/her arrival to confirm their admission or can they wait till school begins? 

» Explain the money exchange rates of the country he/she is going to and the give them the amount of money they might need and alternate/safer modes of carrying money like traveler's cheques. Also find out about opening an account there and ATM and how money can be sent from here. 

» Try to get them an international calling card before they leave, as this will help them to get in touch with you easily and not waste their money that will be precious to them in a new country. 

» Find out about the consulate of your country nearest to where they will be staying and ask them to register themselves there.

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