Study Tours

1. Short Term Study Tour

Introduction - Study Tours Are an Excellent Eye Opener

They allow the individual to have a valuable introductory experience and first hand knowledge to a new culture, and its economic, social and education opportunities. It broadens the minds of the individual, and challenges them to a new depth of understanding.

Study tours allow you to approach your area of study in a hands-on and experiential manner, combining theory with real-life experience and cultural perspective. Therefore, study tours are a unique opportunity for you to combine an overseas travel and cultural experience, with studies focusing on various aspects of a region or area of study.

The short-term class is a form Chinese universities use to receive foreigners to study in China.

Applicants to study in China are on the rise with the development of Sino-foreign cultural and educational exchanges. And accordingly the contents of short-term classes have developed into literature, calligraphy, economics, architecture, law, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, arts, sports, professional and internship training from the original Chinese language. The time of short-term classes is always in July, August, January, February or can be tailored to your requirements.

Types of short-term class 

The short-term class for the Chinese language is run mainly intended for students from foreign universities, high schools, friendship groups, company staff members, and whoever loves the Chinese culture. Short-term classes are divided into primary, medium and advanced levels according to different Chinese proficiency of the learners.

The Chinese culture class focuses on Chinese politics, economy and trade, foreign relations, and traditional culture, conducted either in Chinese or English, or with an interpreter. Classroom teaching is combined with visits to factories, rural areas, residential areas, and scenic spots. The Chinese traditional medicine class, which is run by colleges of traditional Chinese medicine in local areas, offers courses on acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, and internal medicine to overseas practitioners of Chinese medicine, acupuncturists, undergraduate and graduate students of medicine who know Chinese or |English. The courses are conducted in the form of classroom lectures and clinical practices.

The law study class offers courses on China's Constitution, civil laws, economic laws, and laws and regulations on Sino-foreign joint investment, and organizes visits to law firms, court trial auditing, and discussions with law workers.

The calligraphy and painting class mainly focuses on theories and skills of Chinese calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting, including mountain-and-water painting, flower-and-bird painting, and figure painting.

The ancient architecture class offers lectures on the history of architectural development in ancient China, ancient China's architectural engineering technology. Students can also visit ancient Chinese buildings and gardens characteristic of various styles and times.

The gastronomy or cooking class focuses on the characteristics and cooking skills of major Chinese cuisines, with every student having the opportunity to make a dish independently.

The sports training class focuses on traditional Chinese martial arts, qigong, and modern sports items. But different classes can give particular priority to different items. 

List of Study Tours

ProgramUniversityLocationDurationTuition Fee (RMB)
Summer ClassBeijing Foreign Studies University - South China InstituteFoshan, GuanggongJuly 4th - August 27th3,600
Summer ClassSouth China University of TechnologyGuangzhou, GuangdongJuly 20th - August 9th2,000

2. Non-degree Programs at Beijing Foreign Studies University

  • Regular courses: 1/2 to 1 year, extendable if necessary. A certificate will be issued when you complete the required Chinese language courses or other courses and pass the exams.
  • Short-term courses: presently, we only offer Chinese language short-term courses for learners who wish to have short-term learning experience in Chinese language and culture. During the summer vacation, 8-, 4- and 3-week courses are offered; during the winter vacation, 4-week courses are offered, depending on applications we receive. Classes take place from Monday to Friday with morning classes devoted to Chinese language and afternoon classes to Chinese culture. Each week a Beijing city tour will be arranged. Students will get a BFSU International Student ID Card and a certificate upon completion of the courses.

Tuition Fee

ProgramLevel of EducationTuitionRegistration Fee
Non-Degree Program
Chinese Language ProgramsRegular CourseRMB 11,150 / Semester or
RMB 21,150 / Year
RMB 400

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