Sun Yat-sen University



Sun Yat-sen University was founded in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the great pioneer of the Chinese democratic revolution. It is one of the highest ranked multi-disciplinary institutions, marked by a unique combination of history, prestige, and beauty.


As an emerging community, SYSU is dedicated to the prominence in teaching and learning.  SYSU faculty menbers devote themselves both to students and to academic research, pursuing the comprehensive development of the whole society.

Approximately 83,000 students attend SYSU, among which 3,200 are international students. SYSU has more than 50 alumni organizations around the world.

KEY FACTS (2014)

Establishment : 1924

Motto : Study Extensively, Enquire Accurately, Reflect Carefully, Discriminate Clearly, Practice Eamestly

Ranking : 8th in China (US News) and 220th in the world (US News)



Guangzhou - 1. South Campus (Humanities and Natural Science)

                      2. East Campus (Applied Disciplines)

                      3. North Campus (Medical Science)

Zhuhai - Zhuhai (New Emerging Disciplines)


Affiliated Hospitals - 8

International Joint Institutes - 2

Local Research Institutes - 10

State-Level Research Institutes - 19

FACULTY : 3,095

Sun-Yat-sen-University-3 Professors - 745

Associate Professors - 820

International Faculty - 527


Undergraduates - 32,563

Master students - 12,349

Doctoral students - 5,127

International students - 3,183


Covering natural sciences, liberal arts, social sciences, technical sciences, managerial sciences, and medical sciences

Undergraduate Majors - 121

Master's Degree Programs - 287

Doctoral Degree Programs - 180

Post-Doctoral Research Stations - 39

Professional Degree Programs - 27




in 2012, Sun Yat-sen University has 16 disciplines among the top 5 nationwide and 32 among Top 10, according to an evaluation by the Chinese Ministry of Education. In 2014, the University has sixteen disciplines ranked in the Top 1% in the world based on ESI, which ranked second in China. The 16 disciplines are :

  • Chemistry
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Physics
  • Biology and Biochemistry
  • Material Science
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Engineering
  • Plant and Animal Science
  • Environment/Ecology
  • Mathematics
  • Immunology
  • Agricultural Science
  • Social Science
  • Computer Science
  • Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Neuroscience and Behavior

Among all the majors at SYSU, Chinese Language, Medical Science, International Business & Trade, Master of Business Administration (IMBA), Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Public Administration, International Relations, and Art Design are the majors which attract the most international students. At present, SYSU has specially set up the following English-taught programs for international students:

MBBS, Computer Science and Technology, IMBA.


By now, Sun Yat-sen University has established international cooperation with 200 universities across more than 30 countries in nearly 50 joint programs and over 200 exchange programs.

Global Partnership are as follows:

  • Europe - 70
  • America - 44
  • Asia - 104
  • Oceania - 15
  • Africa - 1

Key Joint Programs

  • SYSU - Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Joint Collaboration on Clinical & Transnational Research
  • SYSU - Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Joint Institute of Engineering
  • Sino - Grenoble Institute of Technology and 4 other universities : Sino-French Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Technology 


Sun Yat-sen University is comprised of four campuses, with its three campuses in Guangzhou and one campus in the picturesque coastal city of Zhuhai. As a comprehensive university combining history, prestige, beauty and robust community spirit, Sun Yat-sen University enables the students to wander along the Pearl River, stroll among histrionic buildings, and expand the boundaries of knowledge in its four campuses.

As an inclusive community with a combination of convenience, comfort, and surprise, SYSU brings new experiences in every aspect of daily life covering arts and culture, athletics and fitness, campus media, housing and dining, community engagement, and Guangzhou city life.

Living in SYSU, an amazing community filled with inspired and vibrant people from around the world, encourages you to enjoy life to the fullest. There is always something new awaiting your exploration and discovery.


Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, is located in the south China next to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. It is the third largest Chinese metropolis behind Beijing and Shanghai and was known formerly in the West as Canton.

Guangzhou is an international city, possessing the advantages of a highly developed import and export industry. It is also the ancestral homeland for most overseas Chinese, with the top proportion of overseas Chinese population.

  • Square : 7,434 square kilometers
  • Population : 12.92 million
  • Language : Mandarin & Cantonese
  • GDP : 1,542 Billion accounting for 2.71% of the total in China
  • GDP/per Capital : 120,515 yuan, ranking the first among the Top ten cities in China
  • Total Volume of Import and Export " 118.8 Billion dollars
  • Export : 62.806 Billion Dollars
  • Import : 56.082 Billion Dollars




A. English-medium Undergraduate Programs by SYSU

1. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery in English (MBBS)


Name of specialty: Clinical Medicine

Credit system: 6 years

Brief Introduction:

Sun Yat-sen University was approved as one of the thirty universities by the Ministry of Education of China to enroll international students majoring in MBBS (Program of Clinical Medicine taught in English). The program follows the “Provisional Regulations on Quality Control Standards of English-Taught Medical Undergraduate Education for International Students in China”,and practices the academic principles of consolidating theoretical knowledge and focusing on technical skills, interdisciplinary studies, and clinical practice.

Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) started the MBBS program in 2006 and has since gained recognition and approval from the medical councils in India, Thailand, Nepal and many more nations. To date, two batches of international studentstotaling 194 from India, Thailand, Nepal, and other countries have graduated successfully from the University.

Zhongshan School of Medicine

First established as Boji Medical School in 1866, Zhongshan School of Medicine (SYSU-SOM) is the oldest school of Western medicine in China. Today it is proud to stand among the top tier of medical schools nationwide. SYSU-SOM owns the largest comprehensive healthcare system in China, including 5 comprehensive and3 specialized hospitals and 13 branch community hospitals with over 11,000 beds, 13 million outpatient visits and 200,000 in-patient surgeries every year. The institution stands as a leader in medical and scientific education and training, biomedical research, and patient care in the country and enjoys high reputation at home and abroad, especially in Southeast Asia.

SYSU-SOM’s reputation for quality education, scientific innovation, and social services has attracted an outstanding and diverse array of teachers and students, with over 18,000 full-time faculty members and clinicians, and 8,915 medical and health sciences undergraduates and post-graduate students, which includes over 400 international students from 28 countries. SYSU-SOM also has high-quality medical education resources that help to attract the best medical degree candidates. Additionally, our medical students have won first-prize in the National Competition of Clinical Skills for Medical College Students for three consecutive years. We have established stable co-operations in medical education and research with many internationally renowned institutions, including Johns Hopkins University, the Karolinska Institute, UT Southwestern Medical Center, and Birmingham University.

Main Courses:

  1. Chinese
  2. Introduction to China and Chinese culture
  3. Introduction to Chinese Society and Culture(Practice)
  4. Chemistry
  5. Mathematics
  6. Medical Physics
  7. Physical Education
  8. Medical Chinese terminology
  9. Medical Chinese
  10. Medical Biology &Cell Biology
  11. Basic Anatomy
  12. Medical Ethics
  13. Clinical Anatomy
  14. Histology and Embryology
  15. Physiology
  16. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  17. Medical Immunology
  18. Medical Microbiology
  19. Molecular Medicine Skills
  20. Human Parasitology
  21. Pathology
  22. Pharmacology
  23. Experimental Physiological Science
  24. Pathophysiology
  25. Preventive Medicine &Community Medicine
  26. Medical Statistics
  27. Epidemiology
  28. Introduction to Basic Medical Courses Diagnostics
  29. Medical Genetics
  30. Forensic Medicine
  31. Internal Medicine
  32. Surgery
  33. Gynecology & Obstetrics
  34. Pediatrics
  35. Medical Imageology
  36. Traditional Chinese Medicine (including Acupuncture)
  37. Neurology
  38. Psychiatry
  39. Oncology
  40. Infectious Diseases
  41. Orthopedics
  42. Emergency Medicine
  43. Otothinolaryngology
  44. Clinical Skills Training
  45. Rehabilitation Medicine
  46. Clinical Practice
  47. Computer Science
  48. Medical Psychology
  49. Stomatology
  50. Anesthesiology
  51. Ophthalmology
  52. Dermatology
  53. Evidence-Based medicine
  54. Medical Literature Retrieval and Utilization

Duration & Tuition Fee:

  • Duration: 6 years
  • Tuition Fee: 48,000 RMB/year
  • Accommodation Fee: 5100 RMB/year
  • Registration Fee: 800 RMB
  • Medical Insurance Fee: 800 RMB/year

2. Computer Science and Technology

Computer Science and Technology is a practical art. Since the field’s founding, it has brought society revolutionary innovations in entertainment, news media, medical care, business, finance, communications, education, scientific studies, and many more areas. In this, the information era, Computer Science is a key to a wide and constantly growing range of careers. Computer Science is playing an increasingly important role in everyday life, especially in business. 

The School Of Information Science and Technology cultivates students with applied skills in computer science and technology. The faculty members who are involved in this English-taught program for international students are all doctoral degree holders, and have graduated from world renowned universities with extensive experience working in universities and research institutes abroad.

SIST offers both intensive, cutting-edge research in computer science. The labs have contributed to pioneering work in the fields of digital image and video, internet of things, and big data, on both international and domestic levels. Students conduct research and study with experts in computer science to solve problems with a variety of practical applications, such as on-line shopping, e-commerce, and data analysis behind home digital media.

The goal of the undergraduate program in computer science and technology is to prepare students for careers in the application of computer science and technology in industry and business.Our students conduct research and study with the experts in computer science to solve the problems in many areas, such as online shopping and e-commerce as well as work with real world applications such as the data analysis behind electronic business and digital home, data sampling and dynamic event detection in Internet of Things. Due to the scale of internet use in China, the problems offer great challenges. The achievements of study and research will be widely applied in business relations between China and other countries around the world. 

Students who take this undergraduate program will receive instruction in English, but still have some courses related to China, such as Chinese Language and Chinese history. They can also get themselves involved in the extracurricular activities, like travelling, cultural events, and sporting events.. 

Duration of Study: 4 years. 

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Tuition Fee: 33,800 RMB/year

3. Tourism Management


As one of the first qualified organizations in China to grant doctor degrees in tourism management, Sun Yat-sen University has a far-reaching influence in tourism education in China. Based on the integration of the university’s teaching and research forces, the School of Tourism Management was founded in November 2004. It has developed into a well-known tourism education and research institution at home and abroad. Sun Yat-sen University’s tourism management major ranks first among Chinese universities and colleges, according to the Research Center for China Science Evaluation (RCCSE) in 2009 and 2014.

The school recruits undergraduates, postgraduates, PhD students, post doctorates and international students. Currently the school enrolls about 300 undergraduates yearly in tourism management, hospitality management(including hotel&resort management and club management), and event management. An event management joint education “2+2” program has been developed by the school and the University of Queensland, Australia. 

The school also set up other international tourism programs, including a “2+2” English class in cooperation with the School of International Studies, and a “3+1” French class jointly cultivated with the University of Angers, France. Every year, 42 postgraduates are recruited in tourism management, covering study fields such as tourism planning and management, tourism Human Resource (HR) management, tourism and community development, tourism attraction, hotel and resort management, event management, strategic management of tourism enterprises, tourism and heritage protection. In 2010, the school acquired United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) certification in recognition of its quality in tourism education. In 2013, the Dean BAO Jigang was elected as the President of China Tourism Education Association (CTEA) .

The school’s academic research has a significant impact on the research fields of its kind nationwide. The quality and quantity of its national research projects and published papers as well as the paper citation rate keep topping the list over the years. In 2010, the school became the supporting unit of the Tourism Impact Research Base founded by China National Tourism Administration. It also became the unique supporting institution of Monitoring Centre for UNWTO Sustainable Observatories (MCSTO) in Asia-Pacific, which strongly promotes the theoretical and practical research of tourism science in China.

The School of Tourism Management is a cradle of talented elites for future tourism, hotel and event industries as well as a leading force of tourism research in China. The school is now dedicated to the advancement of tourism education and training and consistency of its overall programs  with international standards, so as to become a world-class school in tourism and related areas.

Major Introduction 

  • Length of Study: 4 years
  • Major: tourism management, covering the core courses of tourism, hospitality and event management
  • Credits: the required credits is 136 including 84 for compulsory courses and 52 for elective courses. 

Admission Information

  • Admission Number:25-40 students every year
  • Admission Time:Enrollment begins from autumn semester in 2015
  • Admission Objects:International students, non-Chinese; high-school graduate;18-45 years of age
  • Requirement:Qualified performance of all disciplines and English test in senior high school 
  • Teaching language: English
  • Tuition fees: 26,000 RMB/year

B. English-medium Master Programs by SYSU


IMBA has an elite reputation and attracts top-tier students from both in and outside China. Currently, it is run by both Sun Yat-sen Business School (SYSBS) and Lingnan (U) College.

SYSBS is one of the China’s first institutes for MBA education and research and is one of the nation’s leading business schools. SYSBS has outstanding faculty, 92% of whom hold doctoral degrees and have overseas study, research, and work experience. SYSBS invites elite international and domestic economists, managers, and entrepreneurs as the guest lecturers and visiting professors. SYSBS is the first business school in South China awarded with triple international accreditations, which includes AACSB/EQUIS/AMBA. Only the most elite 5% of business schools are AACSB accredited worldwide.

The MBA education at Lingnan (U) College is among the Top 10 in China. It is established on a basis of international and domestic experience, with 96% of the faculty holding doctorate degrees. Additionally, students are instructed by professors from top international universities, international political dignitaries, domestic economists and outstanding business leaders. Lingnan (U) College was accredited by AMBA and EQUIS in 2010.  

Lingnan MBA Programs

Lingnan International MBA program was launched and jointly developed with MIT Sloan School of Management since 1999. It is one of MIT Sloan's three China MBA programs, the other two being Tsinghua International MBA and Fudan International MBA. In the international MBA programs, all core courses are instructed in English and based on MIT Sloan's MBA curriculum and teaching methods. Students will be awarded the Master of Business Administration Degree of Sun Yat-sen University upon graduation as well as program certificate from MIT Sloan.

 MBA Programs - Highlights

  • Core of College's internationalization drive
  • Received international accreditation from the AMBA and EQUIS and is currently in the process of the AACSB accreditation
  • Elite student body from average 10 countries and territories, 60% non-Guangzhou natives, with work experiences spanning a spectrum of industries.
  • The most loyal and committed alumni.
  • Experienced faculty from more than a dozen countries, each with a solid influence in China-focused business management expertise.   

1. International Master of Business Administration (IMBA)

Duration of Study: 2 years

Tuition Fee : RMB 90,000 per year

Degree: Master degree of SYSU (MBA)

2. Grenoble Ecole de Management Dual Degree

Duration of Study: 2 years (12 months in Guangzhou + 12 months in France)

Tuition Fee : RMB 90,000 per year

Degree: Dual master degree (SYSU MBA & Grenoble Master in Management) 

3. Euromed Marseille Ecole de Management Dual Degree

Duration of Study: 2 years (12 months in Guangzhou + 12 months in France)

Tuition Fee : RMB 90,000 per year

Degree: Dual master degree (SYSU MBA & Euromed Master of Science in Management)

Contact Info

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