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Last updated :2015-06-03

On May 22nd, 2015, Team SYSU won the first prize in the 2015 ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge (ASC15), the largest supercomputer contest in the world, and got the e Prize Award for the first time. During the competition of the most eye-catching e Prize Award, Team SYSU successfully optimized the code and passed all verification, which gained 600x speedup and decreased the system energy consumption to 1/20 of the original. This accomplishment provided some excellent supercomputing design suggestions for SKA, the largest international astronomy cooperation project in the world.


Team SYSU obtained e Prize Award in ASC15.

After tough competition in the preliminary round, 16 out of 152 teams of top universities from 6 continents fought their ways to the finals, which included MIT (U.S.), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and Tsinghua University (China). Members of Team SYSU (Li Juncheng, Zhao Lingjun, Yang Runkai, Liu Siyuan, Zeng Zhaoyang, Huang Hua, Guo Dawei, Gao Yibin, Cui Hang) were from School of Mathematics and Computational Science, School of Information Science and Technology, School of Software and School of Mobile Information Engineering. Coached by teachers such as Zhang Yongdong, Ye Weicai, Guan Weihao, Lin Siyang, Guan Wenchao from Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Computational Science, they turned all the passion into power and finally embraced their success after devotion and cooperation.

Source: School of Mathematics and Computational Science, Sun Yat-sen University

Written by: Ye Weicai, Li Qiyuan, Edited by: Wang Dongmei

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