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From September 22 to October 5, 2015, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) Student Performing Troupe staged shows at 7 Confucius Institutes in three countries in the Americas, including the Confucius Institute at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), Confucius Institute at National Autonomic University of Mexico, Huaxia Confucius Institute in Mexico City, Confucius Institute at Autonomic University of New Leon, Confucius Institute at Autonomic University of Chihuahua, Confucius Institute at Autonomic University of Yukatan, and Confucius Institute at University of Costa Rica. Among them, the Confucius Institute at IUPUI was jointly established by SYSU and IUPUI; and the Confucius Institute at Autonomic University of Yukatan was jointly established by SYSU and the Autonomic University of Yukatan. The tour was organized by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), and undertaken by the Office of Confucius Institutes of SYSU and the SYSU Youth Association. It is part of the “three tours” (tour for performance, tour for lectures, and tour for exhibition) activities organized by Hanban, which aims to promote Chinese traditional art and culture.

The 20-member troupe, led by Ms. Wu Dan, Deputy Secretary of SYSU Youth Association, consisted of one staff member from the Office of International Cooperation & Exchange, a teacher from the Arts Education Center, and 17 undergraduate and postgraduate students from Lingnan (University) College, International School of Business & Finance, School of Foreign Languages, School of International Studies, School of Chinese as a Second Language, School of Marine Sciences, School of Geography and Planning, and School of Engineering.


Folk Music The Spring in Xiang River


Group Dance The Song of Spring

The program for the performances included folk music such as Descendants of the Dragon, The Spring in Xiang River, The Running War Horses and The Fern Leaf Bamboo in the Moonlight; dances such as The Song of Spring, Flowers, The Story of the Lady Luofu, Walking in the Landscape, The Love of the Chinese People; the martial arts performance The Spirit of Chinese Martial Arts; and songs such as Good Luck, The Love Song in Kangding, Love and Friendship Which Cannot be Separated by Mountains and Rivers. During the tour, the performances contributed to the celebrations of the Confucius Institute Day and the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. The shows earned high praise from the audiences, with such comments as: “Chinese dance is so beautiful, and I want to learn it.” “The performance is wonderful, I like Chinese arts.” “I like Chinese musical instruments. Let me know when there is such a show next time.” “Guangzhou is a good place, I want to go there and study.” “I like Chinese arts, I like China.”


Group photo after the performance at the Confucius Institute at IUPUI

The performing troupe not only demonstrated the unique features of traditional Chinese arts and promoted Chinese culture, but also demonstrated SYSU students’ demeanor and increased our international influence.

Source: Office of International Cooperation & Exchange

Written by: Office of International Cooperation & Exchange

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