[Graduation Season] The Last Dance Before Graduation Campus News

Author - Zihan Song  Date:2015-06-17

With the 2015 graduation at the doorstep, graduating students of WHU are busy organizing various kinds of activities to better enjoy their final days of university life.

Wuhan University Dance Group, a student association that has won many awards representing WHU at home and abroad, offered their Graduation Gala on June 6 at Meiyuan sports ground. The show, which is held annually, is more than just a performance for three of the dance group members Bo Wang, Huimin Hu, and Hao Deng, who are graduating from WHU this month. It would be their very last dance at WHU as university students.


The gala started with a video in which the dance group members sent their best wishes to the three graduates and recalled their time together. The opening dance, “The Most Beautiful Day”, described a regular day for the dance group members in WHU. They take classes, prepare for the dance performances and meet with friends. The dancers use their performance to tell us that though those things seem ordinary, they are something to be cherished for every single day at school is the most beautiful day.

The three senior year students then presented their successful dance Shuimoqinghua to the audience. The setting of this dance is the landscape described in a very famous Chinese painting called “Shuimohua”. Bo Wang, who is the leader of the dance group, performed as the artist inking the amazing scroll painting. Huimin Hu and Hao Deng, who are both leading dancers of the group, dressed up as a loving couple from the ancient time, strolling down an old town in Jiangnan. Although, as we were informed later, Bo Wang had been injured during the rehearsals, he insisted on performing in the show. With  persistence and excellent dancing skills, the three seniors put on a performance which was, as the theme of the gala suggests, poetic and dream-like.


More splendid shows were presented as the gala went on. There were folk dance of the Miao, Mongolian dance performed by the boys, Korean dance and a lotus-themed solo dance Ailianshuo presented by Huimin Hu.

“The three senior students have learned so much from the dance group in the past four years,” the director of the dance group Yuanjun Zhang said. “By participating in these activities and performances, they have been shaping their moralities and acquiring teamwork spirits. Hope they will do even better in their future lives.”


When talking about the preparation for the show, Zhang gave special thanks to the dance group members who are still in their freshmen and sophomore year. “Despite the fact that they still have heavy workload and coming finals, they managed to come to the rehearsals and use every minute of their spare time to help preparing this show for they know how important this show is for those three seniors.”

(Edited by Diana & Sijia Hu, source - Wuhan University)

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