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Parents know that education is a crucial enabler in the modern world which may give their children skills that are essential in later life. Knowing its importance, HSBC Group commissioned a global survey across 15 countries themed  “The Value of Education” to canvass the hopes and aspirations of parents with regards to the education of their children.

This infographic is a summary of some of the key findings and we hope it will enable you to better understand public sentiments regarding education and the practical steps you may want to take when planning for this rewarding and life-changing path for your child. Here goes!

When it comes to education, Malaysian parents’ expectations are always changing as their children progress through the education system.

1. “So where to go for a good education– public or private?”

But fewer than one in five parents are open to funding a private primary or secondary education.

2. Where would they like their children to study?

Almost half (45%) of parents in Malaysia believe that Malaysia has a better quality education system than the best available abroad.

Countries perceived to offer the highest quality education by Malaysian parents

3. When would Malaysian parents send their children abroad? At what age?

37%  At Secondary school age.

37% At University age, 88% of Malaysian parents would consider sending their child abroad to study at university stage. This is higher than the global average of 74%.

4. What do Malaysian parents hope their children gain from an overseas education?

62%  Breadth of experience

58%  Children gaining more independence

54%  Foreign language skills

51% International experience

5. Tertiary education is an aspiration for their children

98% of Malaysian parents aspire for their child to go to university while 91% of Malaysian parents would like their child to study at a postgraduate level.

6. How will Malaysian parents make that aspiration come true?
 85% draw on savings

54% rely on current income

51% draw on a specific education plan

7. Four in five (79%) parents who didn’t go to university want their children to go to university

8. Nearly two-thirds (64%) believe that paying for their child’s education is the best investment they can make. Most parents expect to fund their child’s education themselves via various means. Despite this, in Malaysia, more than four in five (84%) parents wish they have started to plan and save earlier for their child’s education.

It’s not too late. Start now to plan for your children’s education.

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