Top 10 Lowest-paying Majors for Chinese Graduates 2015 Education Trends - Career and Job Related

According to MyCOS's 2015 Chinese College Graduates Employment Report, traditional Chinese medicine, clinical medicine, and pre-school education were the three lowest-paying majors for students who graduated from Chinese colleges in 2014.

The report found that the average monthly income for all college graduates six months after graduation was about 3,773 yuan (US$608).

Computer science and technology and software engineering were the two best-paid majors, with an average income of around 5,237 yuan (US$843) per month six months after graduation.

MyCOS is a Chinese third-party research institute that specializes in education assessment. It began to publish the annual Chinese College Graduates Employment Report in 2009.

The following are the ten lowest-paying majors for Chinese college graduates.

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine (中医学)


Monthly income: 2,193 yuan (US$353)

2. Clinical Medicine (临床医学)


Monthly income: 3,061 yuan (US$493)

3. Preschool Education (学前教育)


Monthly income: 3,106 yuan (US$500)

4. Traditional Chinese Pharmacology (中药学)


Monthly income: 3,138 yuan (US$505)

5. History (历史学)


Monthly income: 3,165 yuan (US$510)

6. Medical Imaging (医学影像学)


Monthly income: 3,172 yuan (US$511)

7. Horticulture and Landscape Design (园艺)


Monthly income: 3,199 yuan (US$515)

8. Nursing (护理学)


Monthly income: 3,213 yuan (US$518)

9. Politics and Government Administration (政治学与行政学)


Monthly income: 3,258 yuan (US$525)

10. Geographical Sciences (地理科学)


Monthly income: 3,279 yuan (US$528)

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