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More than 90 percent of Bachelor degree graduates from 75 universities overseen by the Ministry of Education found jobs in 2015, with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou the most favored cities, according to statistics of the ministry.

Annual employment reports released by these universities, most of which are leading ones in China, also show only two universities having seen employment rates below 90 percent for graduates with a master's degree.

The government's Internet Plus strategy and support for entrepreneurship have given rise to flexibility in seeking jobs, according to reports.

In Peking University and Tsinghua University, a total of 2,501 graduates chose flexible employment, including launching a start-up, an increase of 550 people over last year.

First-tier cities are still the top choices for graduates in 2015. Over 38 percent of Peking University graduates found jobs Beijing, Shanghai and better-developed coastal areas, while only 12.7 percent went to Central, Northeast and Western regions. Statistics from the Renmin University of China also showed a similar trend.

Reports add that financial services is the most popular sector for graduates from China's top universities. Nearly 21 percent from Fudan University and 11.1 percent of graduates from Renmin University of China landed in this sector. - china daily

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