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Qikou is a small town about a 6 hour bus ride from Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi Province. For more than two centuries, when transportation in the area was still undeveloped, the Yellow River constituted the main transportation route for commodities between Northwest and North China. Qikou served as a vital trading point marking the eastern terminus for river-bound freight. 

Located in the Luliang (Lvliang) Prefecture of Shanxi Province, about 230 kilometers from the capital city Taiyuan, Qikou was so named because of the nearby city Datong Qi or No.2 Qi (Qi in Chinese literally means sand-piled shoal, formed by the sudden rapid current of the Yellow River). While the renowned Hukou Waterfall is the No.1 Qi of the Yellow River. 

With unique geographical location, Qikou was an important hub that promoted the economic and cultural interactions of China’s West and East. In the old times, the goods of Qikou was transported from this offshore terminal of Yellow River to Lanzhou and Wuzhou of west, Baotou and Wuyuan of north, Handan and Zhengzhou of south, and Taiyuan, Beijing, Tianjin of East. During its heydays, more than 380 shops did business in Qikou. It remained a trade centre until the 1940s, when the War of Resistance against the Japanese started.    

The 200-year-old Qikou Town used to be a transportation hub and major commercial center, but now has been listed as one of the endangered cultural sites by World Monuments Fund.

Today, Qikou town has faded from its past glory, as the modern transportation has replaced the traditional shipping. But it is well-known as an unmissable destination for backpackers, photographers and ancient dwellings enthusiasts alike.

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