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China Ambassador to Brunei Yang Jian in a group photo with the scholarship recipients, Nurul Ain Shahida Mohd Shari and Abdul Waie Md Yussof, as well as their family members. Photo: Brunei Times/ANN

Two Bruneian students were awarded scholarships to further their studies in China, where their courses will be conducted in Mandarin.

The Chinese government selected Abdul Waie Md Yussof, 24, and Nurul Ain Shahida Mohd Shari, 18, to pursue the degree of their choice.

Both students are expected to learn the Chinese language for a year before they start their courses.

Abdul Waie will study the Chinese language at Nanjing Normal University, while Nurul Ain Shahida will take up Mandarin at the Beijing Language and Culture University.

Following their year's study of Mandarin, Abdul Waie will major in International Economics and Trade at Southeast University, China. Nurul Ain Shahida will pursue a three-year degree in the Chinese language at Beijing Normal University.

Chinese Ambassador to Brunei Yang Jian said she hoped the scholarship students will not only be proficient in Mandarin when they return, but also contribute to Brunei's development and Brunei-China relations.

"I hope both of them will make best use of this opportunity and achieve success in their studies and come back to Brunei to better serve the country. In the future, I hope they will be good envoys to China and Brunei," she said.

Abdul Waie, who graduated from Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College (MTSSR), said he was impressed with China and that it is now one of the countries where many international students pursue higher education.

"We will be learning their language and culture, and I would like to work with the Chinese embassy here when I come back. This is really exciting and I will try my best throughout my time there," he said.

Nurul Ain Shahida, who previously studied at Meragang Sixth Form Centre, said she chose China to further her studies because mastering the Chinese language would provide her with an advantage.

"I want to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade when I come back. When I am there, I want to help the Brunei embassy there and come back and share the knowledge gained," she said.

Her father, DSP Mohd Sahri Hj Ahmad, said he was impressed with China during his stay there.

The head of Security Pass Section at the Royal Brunei Police Force's Department of Criminal Intelligence said the Prime Minister's Office selected him to pursue policing in Beijing for a year in 2006.

"Apart from being a beautiful country, I really enjoyed my stay there and made many friends. At the time, both my son and daughter were students and I brought them there to visit."

He said his son is a diplomat at Brunei's embassy in Beijing, and his daughter is now able to fulfil her dream of studying in China.

"I really thank the Chinese government for giving her a full scholarship. She will be learning Mandarin as a world language, which is a very important language besides English," he said.

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