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On Tuesday November 10th, Professor Sir David Greenaway, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nottingham, was awarded a lifetime achievement for establishing the best international university network in the UK. Nottingham has campuses in both China and Malaysia, both of which have been great successes. Impact Comment examines the implications of his immense achievements for both students at UoN and for the future of higher education around the country. 

The international connections have brought Nottingham prestige both at home and abroad and have increased the diversity of students attending all three of Nottingham’s campuses. Indeed, on receiving the award, the Vice-Chancellor said he was “honoured to be recognised”.

The Malaysian campus, established 15 years ago, was the United Kingdom’s first properly implemented international campus. The Ningbo campus, in China, was opened in 2004 and now has more than 500 students from over 40 countries in attendance. These additions are immensely impressive and demonstrate the innovative, progressive approach the University of Nottingham takes to its development.

“Not only has this increased the diversity of the student population, it has created a shift in attitudes of young people moving away to study”

When asked to comment upon the success of Nottingham’s advancing international expansions, Professor Sir David Greenaway said that:

“The University of Nottingham has enjoyed long and fruitful relationships with both China and Malaysia. From our two pioneering campuses in Ningbo and Semenyih we have built global graduate networks, strong government ties and programmes of internationally-significant research and development, delivering mutual economic benefits. It continues to be an exciting time for UK-ASEAN collaboration and we look forward to seeing the results of our future international endeavours in higher education.”

How have these connections changed lives of students?

The creation of these new campuses has afforded students the potential to study abroad and connect with international students studying here in the UK. Not only has this increased the diversity of the student population, it has created a shift in attitudes of young people moving away to study.

“Nottingham is a trail blazer with regards to its international connections”

Not only does Nottingham offer campuses in three different countries, it has well established connections with other universities worldwide which offers students the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures during their education at Nottingham.  I myself have recently been selected to study South East Asian Law in Singapore next year, which I am sure will be a fantastic experience both educationally and personally.

How could these connections change the education system?

Nottingham is a trail blazer with regard to its international connections and campuses. Although it is the first to establish such phenomenal links, it can be predicted that it will not be the last. It is arguable these developments could be a step towards a change in the education system, one which encourages students globally to study abroad as part and parcel of their degree.impactnottingham

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