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Village which observes ancient birth custom has population growth rate around zero.

In Congjiang county, southwest China’s Guizhou province, there is a village of Dong minority. It is like an idyllic remote land with rich history and culture. The tools, clothes and customs in that village, especially its culture of birth, are primitive and mystical. Since 1949, the growth rate of population in this village has been around zero. No matter how the outside world changes, they always keep their law of life.


Wu Bimian breastfeeds her son. ( Qi)


There are 182 families in this village, with a population of 823 people. ( Qi)


Wu Bimian, 27, has one girl and one boy. They enjoy the traditional way of life in the village. ( Qi)


Wu Bimian and her daughter cook for the guests on July 30 in the lunar calendar. ( Qi)


Lunar July 30 is a very important day in the village. On this day, all the villagers would come to take an oath in front of a stone as a ceremony of respecting the traditional custom which requires them to restrain their reproduction.( Qi)


In the village, 98 percent of the families have two children - a boy and a girl. The sex ratio is highly balanced. ( Qi)


Young villagers would hang a rope and sing a song when guests come. Guests can enter the drum tower only after they sing back. ( Qi)


For hundreds of years, villagers drink the blood wine and observe the birth custom together. ( Qi)


For holidays, several families would share the pork or beef. ( Qi)


Wu Bimian’s daughter plays with her friends. She is 5 years older than her little brother. 96 percent of the families in the village have two children, and the age gap between the two children is 5 years. ( Qi)


Wu Bimian dresses up for the big day. ( Qi)


All the families in the village enjoy an affluent, happy and peaceful life. ( Qi) 

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