Is the university you plan to enroll offered wholesome on-campus life?


Many times students and parents when choosing a university overlook the importance aspect of studying with a wholesome on campus university that provide a conducive study environment.

Numerous studies and researches in USA shown that students who live wholesome on-campus have higher graduation rates, higher GPAs, and report a greater satisfaction with their collegiate experience. (1. Students living on campus experience higher retention & graduation rates 2. Benefits of living on-campus)

While students immerse themselves in acquiring knowledge in university for next 4 years, a fulfilling on-campus life plays an important aspect in producing a high quality learning experience and academic success. A good university is not just only provide an excellent academic but the quality of university's atmosphere and its surrounding areas play an important part as it also influence of the quality of a student.  

Don’t choose a university just because someone told you that it is good. Don’t choose because a university is “famous” because it has put out a lot of advertisements.  Don't follow your friend because the learning environment might not suitable for you.

If possible, go visit the university and feel for yourself what are the amenities and facilities offered to you while study there. How ambiance are the lecture halls, tutorial rooms, library, campus canteens, sport facilities and etc? How accessible of student associations, banking facilities, post offices, sundry shops and supermarkets, health cares etc? If you can't physically visit the university, then Google around and you will find plenty of websites with comments about the universities. 

It is the objective of a university to provide students with a high quality learning experience, safe, clean, comfortable and wholesome living environment, while offering a variety of activities that will become a memorable part of your university years. 

In contrast, an office like university in a city building with only lecture halls and tutorial classrooms, students will be trapped in 4-walls building. Day in day out for the next 4 years, the stress build up on study will be unimaginable. 

Also, for first-year students living away from home is a big challenge in adapting to a new lease of life and the tendency of getting homesick will be exaggerated if students do not have a conducive study and living environment.

University encourages an active, wholesome lifestyle, innovation and collaborative thinking to engage students, faculty and business leaders. It is crucial that on-campus living provides students greater opportunities to become involved with the university and student associations to meet and develop relationships with a greater variety of people, and to participate in a living experience that is unique to university life. Study and living in a university should always make you feel comfortable like home. 

Therefore, campus life is greatly enhanced by the comforts, conveniences, and experiences that living in a university dormitory with complete facilities and amenities.

So ask yourself this question. Why pay so much to study at a profit oriented higher learning institutions without the ambiance of university feel? 

You have a better option to study in foreign country where it gives overseas exposure, a new kind of lesson on local cultures, high quality in academic as well as wholesome on-campus life with affordable tuition packages (tuition fees + living expenses). So why not enjoy the best of both worlds with just a fraction of cost. 

Below are the indicative tuition fees and living expenses study in China universities. 

TUITION FEES & LIVING EXPENSES (estimation only and subject to change): 

Pre University – about RMB 7,600 to RMB 13,800 per year
Business, Humanities, Arts – about RMB 14,000 to RMB 26,000 per year  
Science, Engineering, Agriculture  – about RMB 15,600 to RMB 33,800 per year  
Medical, Sports, Music & Performing Arts – about RMB 21,000 to RMB 52,000 per year  

Foods  – about RMB 400 to RMB 500 per month  
Hostel Accommodation – about RMB 600 to RMB 2,000 per month

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