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Mission of the World Directory of Medical Schools

It is the mission of the World Directory of Medical Schools (World Directory) to list all of the medical schools in the world, with accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information on each school. To help and protect patients and to meet the needs of society, we need to know that a doctor has attended a genuine medical school of good standard, and has demonstrated the competence required to become a certified medical doctor. The validated information in the World Directory will enable students, faculty, medical regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders in society, to easily access information proving that a medical school exists and is of good quality.

The listing of a medical school in the World Directory of Medical Schools does not denote recognition, accreditation, or endorsement by the World Directory of Medical Schools or by the partner organizations leading this venture, the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME ) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). Similarly, the listing of a medical school in the World Directory of Medical Schools does not denote recognition, accreditation, or endorsement by any or all of the sponsors of the World Directory of Medical Schools, except where this is expressly stated either on the website of the World Directory or on the website or other literature of any sponsor.

Association of any medical school with FAIMER or WFME, whether as a member, a member of an associated network, or otherwise, is not related to the listing of the medical school in the World Directory of Medical Schools, or to the recognition, accreditation, or endorsement of the medical school.
About the World Directory

The World Directory is a joint venture of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the University of Copenhagen. Most of the funding for the World Directory comes from sponsors of the directory. The World Directory has been created by merging FAIMER’s International Medical Education Directory (IMED) and WFME’s Avicenna Directory.

The World Directory defines “medical school” as an educational institution that provides a complete or full program of instruction leading to a basic medical qualification; that is, a qualification that permits the holder to obtain a license to practice as a medical doctor or physician.

The data included at the opening of the World Directory are the combined data of IMED and Avicenna, as of the end of 2013. The World Directory team will endeavour to keep the data current, by including new schools, bringing existing entries up to date, and correcting any errors or omissions that are identified. Data will be collected by the World Directory offices within the WFME office in Copenhagen and the FAIMER office in Philadelphia.

Day-to-day management of the World Directory is the responsibility of the Management Committee, on which FAIMER and WFME are represented. The Management Committee is in turn advised by the Senior Advisory Committee, which includes representatives of WFME, FAIMER, and the sponsors of the directory.

List of Chinese Universities Listed on World Directory of Medical Schools.

Medical School NameCity Name
Academy of Military Medical Sciences Faculty of Medicine
Air Force School of MedicineJilin
Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Anhui Medical University Faculty of Medicine
Anhui University of Science and Technology College of MedicineHuainan
Baotou Medical College    
Beihua University Faculty of MedicineJilin
Beijing College of Acupuncture and OrthopedicsBeijing
Beijing Medical College Branch CampusBeijing
Beijing School of MedicineBeijing
Beijing Second Medical College, First BranchBeijing
Beijing University of Chinese MedicineBeijing
Bengbu Medical CollegeBengbu
Binzhou Medical College
Capital Medical UniversityBeijing
Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Changsha Medical University
Changzhi Medical College
Chengde Medical University
Chengdu Institute of Physical EducationChengdu
Chengdu Medical CollegeChengdu
Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese MedicineChengdu
Chifeng University Medical CollegeChifeng
China Academy of Traditional Chinese MedicineBeijing
China Medical University
Chongqing Medical UniversityChongqing
Dali University School of MedicineDali
Dalian Medical University
First Medical College of the Navy
Fourth Military Medical UniversityXi'an
Fujian College of Traditional Chinese MedicineFuzhou
Fujian Medical UniversityFuzhou
Gannan Medical University
Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Guangdong Medical College
Guangdong Pharmaceutical UniversityGuangzhou
Guangdong Provincial Cardiovascular InstituteGuangzhou
Guangxi Medical UniversityNanning
Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical UniversityNanning
Guangzhou Medical University
Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese MedicineGuangzhou
Guilin Medical CollegeGuilin
Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese MedicineGuiyang
Guiyang Medical UniversityGuiyang
Hainan Medical CollegeHaikou
Hangzhou School of Medicine, Hangzhou Normal UniversityHangzhou
Harbin Medical University
Hebei College of Traditional Chinese MedicineShijiazhuang
Hebei Medical University
Hebei North UniversityZhangjiakou
Hebei United University College of MedicineTangshan
Hebei University of Engineering School of MedicineHandan
Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese MedicineHarbin
Henan College of Traditional Chinese MedicineZhengzhou
Henan Medical UniversityZhengzhou
Hengyang Medical College
Heze Medical College
Huanghe Science and Technology College
Hubei Medical College, Xianning Branch
Hubei Medical UniversityWuhan
Hubei University of Chinese Medicine
Hubei University of MedicineShiyan
Hubei University of Science and Technology
Hunan Medical University
Hunan Normal University College of MedicineChangsha
Hunan University of Chinese MedicineChangsha
Inner Mongolia Medical University
Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities
Jiamusi University School of MedicineJiamusi
Jianghan University School of MedicineWuhan
Jiangsu University School of Medicine
Jiangxi Medical CollegeNanchang
Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese MedicineNanchang
Jilin Medical College
Jinan University School of Medicine
Jinggangshan University Medical SchoolJi'an
Jining Medical University
Jishou University School of Medicine
Jiujiang University Medical College
Jixi Medical School for the Coal Industry
Kunming Medical UniversityKunming
Lanzhou University Faculty of MedicineLanzhou
Liaoning Medical University
Luoyang School of MedicineLuoyang
Luzhou Medical CollegeLuzhou
Medical College of Dalian University
Medical College of Henan University
Medical College of Henan University of Science and Technology
Medical College of Hubei Institute for NationalitiesEnshi
Medical College of Nanchang UniversityNanchang
Medical College of Nanjing UniversityNanjing
Medical College of Nankai UniversityTianjin
Medical College of Wuhan University of Science and TechnologyWuhan
Medical College of Yan'an UniversityYan'an
Medical College of Yichun CollegeYichun
Mudanjiang Medical CollegeMudanjiang
Nanjing Medical University
Nanjing University of Chinese MedicineNanjing
Nantong Medical CollegeNantong
Nantong University School of Clinical Medicine
Navy School of Medicine
Ningbo University Medical SchoolNingbo
Ningxia Medical UniversityYinchuan
Norman Bethune College of Medicine, Jilin UniversityChangchun
Norman Bethune University of Medical SciencesChangchun
North Sichuan Medical College
Northwest Minorities University College of Medicine
Panzhihua University School of Medical SciencePanzhihua
Peking Union Medical University
Peking University Health Science Center
Putian University School of Medicine
Qingdao University College of Medical ScienceQingdao
Qinghai Medical College
Qiqihar Medical UniversityQiqihar
School of Life Sciences, Fudan UniversityShanghai
School of Medicine, General Logistics Department
School of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Capital Medical University
Second Military Medical University
Shaanxi College of Traditional Chinese MedicineXianyang
Shandong Medical College
Shandong Medical UniversityJinan
Shandong University of Traditional Chinese MedicineJinan
Shandong University School of MedicineJinan
Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of MedicineShanghai
Shanghai Medical College, Fudan UniversityShanghai
Shanghai Medical University
Shanghai Railway Medical UniversityShanghai
Shanghai School of MedicineFengxian
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese MedicineShanghai
Shantou University Medical CollegeShantou
Shanxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Shanxi Datong University School of Medicine
Shanxi Medical UniversityTaiyuan
Shenyang Medical CollegeShenyang
Shihezi University School of MedicineShihezi
Soochow University Medical CollegeSuzhou
Southeast University Medical CollegeNanjing
Southern Medical UniversityGuangzhou
Suzhou Medical College   
Szechwan Medical College
Taishan Medical UniversityTai'an
Third Military Medical UniversityChongqing
Three Gorges University College of Medical ScienceYichang
Tianjin Medical UniversityTianjin
Tianjin Second Medical CollegeTianjin
Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese MedicineTianjin
Tibet University Medical CollegeLhasa
Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science & TechnologyWuhan
Tongji Medical UniversityWuhan
Tongji University School of Medicine (TUSM)Shanghai
Tsinghua University School of MedicineBeijing
Tsungnan Tungchi Medical College, Wuhan
University of South China Faculty of MedicineHengyang
Wannan Medical CollegeWuhu
Weifang Medical University
Wenzhou Medical UniversityWenzhou
West China College of Medicine, Sichuan University
West China University of Medical SciencesChengdu
Wuhan Medical CollegeWuhan
Wuhan University School of MedicineWuhan
Xi'an Jiaotong University College of MedicineXi'an
Xi'an Medical UniversityXi'an
Xiamen University Medical CollegeXiamen
Xiangnan University School of MedicineChenzhou
Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South UniversityChangsha
Xinjiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Xinjiang Medical University
Xinxiang Medical University
Xuzhou Medical CollegeXuzhou
Yanbian University Health Science CenterYanji
Yangtze University Medical SchoolJingzhou
Yangzhou University College of Medicine
Yishui Medical School
Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities of GuangxiBaise
Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese MedicineKunming
Yuzhou University School of Medicine
Zhang Zhongjing School of Traditional Chinese MedicineNanyang
Zhangjiakou Medical College
Zhejiang Chinese Medical UniversityHangzhou
Zhejiang University School of MedicineHangzhou
Zhengzhou University Medical SchoolZhengzhou
Zhenjiang Medical CollegeZhenjiang
Zhongshan School of Medicine, Sun Yat-Sen UniversityGuangzhou
Zunyi Medical CollegeZunyi
Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of MedicineShatin
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Source - World Directory of Medical Schools

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