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1. A Brief Introduction to Zhejiang Gongshang University

Zhejiang Gongshang University (ZJSU), founded in 1911, is the earliest business school in modern China, which is located in a picturesque city--Hangzhou which is the capital city of Zhejiang Province.

It ranks China’s top 8 and Zhejiang’s top 1 University for Finance and Economics. It is a “Grade A Institution” in the evaluation by the Ministry of Education of China. ZJSU is also a key comprehensive university co-constructed by the Ministry of Education of China, Ministry of Commerce of China and Zhejiang Provincial Government. In 2016 and 2017, the university was confirmed to be the “Internationalized Characteristic University” and “Key Construction University” by Zhejiang Province respectively.

ZJSU is a comprehensive university covering nine academic areas including economics, management, law, literature, history, philosophy, engineering, science and arts. ZJSU offers more than 150 full-time Chinese-taught degree programs including undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD and post-doctoral programs, and also offers different kinds of Chinese language, Chinese culture and business programs for language students, Bachelor Program of Chinese Language and Literature (Business Chinese), 37 English-taught degree programs especially designed for international students.

The university has a full-time student population of 30370, a high-level faculty and staff team of over 2500 and has an area of 165.8 hectares, with three campuses: Xiasha campus, downtown campus and Tonglu campus of Hangzhou College of Commerce. Over 2200 international students are studying in Xiasha campus coming from more than one hundred countries.

ZJSU is one of the institutions to accept students who are recipients of the Chinese Government Scholarship, International Chinese Language Teachers (Confucius Institute) Scholarship and Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship. The university also provides excellent international students with generous university-level and school-level scholarships.

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2. Why Zhejiang Gongshang University
  • Founded in 1911, Earliest Business School in Modern China
  • China’s Top 8 and Zhejiang’s Top 1 University for Finance and Economics 
  • “Grade A” Institution in the Evaluation by Ministry of Education of China
  • Key Comprehensive University Co-constructed by Ministry of Education of China, 
  • Ministry of Commerce of China and Zhejiang Provincial Government
  • 37 English-taught Degree Programs and Various Chinese Language and Culture Programs
  • Various Government and University Scholarships

3. English-medium Degree Programs Designed for International Students 
Major Study Field Degree Tuition Fee
(RMB per year)
1 International Business Bachelor 18,000
2 Hospitality Management International Hospitality Management Bachelor 18,000
3 Accounting Bachelor 18,000
4 International Economics & Trade Bachelor 18,000
5 Economics Statistics Business Data Management Bachelor 18,000
6 Economics Statistics Financial Statistics Bachelor 18,000
7 Finance International Finance Bachelor 18,000
8 E-Commerce International E-Business Bachelor 18,000
9 Logistics Management Bachelor 18,000
10 Law International Law Bachelor 18,000
11 Chinese Language & Literature Business Chinese Bachelor 18,000
12 Business English Market Expansion in China Bachelor 18,000
13 Science of Business Management Master 25,000
14 Entrepreneurship Master 25,000
15 Tourism Management Master 25,000
16 Statistics Business Data Management Master 25,000
17 Financial Statistics, Risk Management & Insurance Actuarial Master 25,000
18 International Trade Chinese Business Master 25,000
19 Finance Master 25,000
20 Computer Science & Technology Master 25,000
21 Computer Science and Technology Big Data in E-Commerce Master 25,000
22 Management Science & Engineering International E-Business Master 25,000
23 Logistics Engineering & Management Supply Chain Management Master 25,000
24 International Law (LLM) Master 25,000
25 Linguistics & Applied Linguistics in Foreign Language Master 25,000
26 Master of Business Administration Master 25,000

4. Accommodation Fee
Single Room A - RMB 1,100/month/person
Single Room B - RMB 900/month/person
Double Room A - RMB 650/month/person
Double Room B - RMB 400/month/person
Quad Room - RMB 250/month/person

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