ZUST - Data Science and Big Data Technology

Data Science n Big Data

Data Science and Big Data Technology are newly emerging interdisciplinary of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, and Statistics. The courses are mainly involved with how to use Computer Technology, Artificial Intelligence methods, and Statistics theory to solve Big Data intelligence analysis, processing, and decision-making problems in industrial applications. The objective of the major is to cultivate application-oriented and international senior data talents which have an international vision, communication ability, and master basic theory of Data Science, Big Data Technology and basic skills of Artificial Intelligence can be engaged in the management, analysis, research and development in relevant departments of Big Data Industry.

China now boasts the largest number of Internet users in the world (CNNIC 2016) and a vibrant community of developing and successful ICT companies.  Through the widespread appropriation of a host of advanced information and communication technologies (ICTs), most notably mobile internet, big data analytics, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT), the aim is to create an innovation-led economy and improve the government’s governing capacity (Arsène 2016).

Related English-taught Master Program

Supported by the 4 master's degree programs in Mathematics Physics, Applied Statistics, Simulation Calculation and Statistics, we have established researching institutes for “Data Science and Artificial Intelligence” laboratory, focusing on  areas such as “Machine Learning and Big Data Processing”, “Big Data Processing and Statistical Analysis”, “Big Data Analysis and Applications” and “Big Data Intelligent Processing

Career Prospects

With the rapid development of AI technology, big data technical talents have a wide range of needs worldwide. From the world's top 500 companies such as Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent (BAT) to small start-ups, they all need data talent.

After four years of study in Data Science and Big Data Technology, most students can start their career in the following three directions:

1. Big data development direction; the occupations involved are big data engineer, big data maintenance engineer, big data R & D engineer, big data architect, etc…;

2. Data mining, data analysis, and machine learning; the occupations involved are: big data analysts, big data senior engineers, big data analyst experts, big data miners, big data algorithm engineers, etc…;

3. Big data operation and maintenance and cloud computing direction; corresponding positions: big data operation and maintenance engineer.

The other graduates continue to pursue postgraduate studies, in universities around China and overseas e.g. in Canada. Their excellent academic performance and extra-curriculum activity give them an overwhelming advantage in scholarship applications. Many graduates proceed to pursue master’s degree at our own school with familiar supervisors.

Main Courses

  • Database
  • Optimization Methods
  • Multivariate Statistical Analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Mining
  • Programming, and Algorithm, etc.

Internship and Practice: Cognition Practice, Integrated Course Design, Special Experiments on Machine Learning Algorithms, Technology Practice, Undergraduate Design/Thesis

Enrollment Advantage

At present, less than 10% of the total colleges and universities with majors and directions related to big data have been opened. The colleges and universities specialized in training international big data professionals are still blank. It is difficult to meet the needs of society in a short period of time, and the needs of international big data talents are huge.

This program is supported by the 4 master's degree programs. Students can continue to study for a master's degree in a relevant major after successfully completing this program. There is 1 school running an experimental center, 7 research institutes, 1 research center, and 1 innovation base in the school.

Students are assigned their personal mentors to guide in course selection, to suggest career paths, to provide additional resources and laboratory access, supervise after-class hands-on projects and competitions, to arrange on-campus part-time positions and industry internship opportunities. Our graduates have achieved excellent GPA performance and numerous competition awards, scholarships, and honors.