ZUST - Vehicle Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

The Vehicle Engineering major at ZUST was established in 2003 and has progressed rapidly to become one of the key construction majors of Zhejiang Province, China. We provide diverse curricular to be evenly balanced between theoretical and practical elements, which instill in our students the imagination, talents, creativity, and skills necessary for the varied and rapidly changing demands of the automotive industry and its enterprises. Our curricula not only cover practical courses using official training materials for career certification such as “1+X” professional skills in the automotive field sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, preparing our students for a career in the maintenance and marketing of automotive industry but also the theory and practice of various mechanical engineering and Vehicle Engineering courses such as Mechanical Precision Design and Measurement, Mechanical Control Engineering, Automotive Structure, Automotive Theory, Automotive Design, learning to prepare them for further studies in the new-energy vehicle and autonomous vehicle research areas.

Related English-taught Master Program

The Automotive Technology Experiment Education Center (ATEEC) had been selected into the provincial laboratory demonstration center in April 2010. As a feature of its education, the center puts emphasis on building practical abilities and a sense of innovation by actively holding extracurricular scientific and technological activities. The center supports extensive course teaching, experiments, projects, part-time jobs, internship opportunities and competitions. The Automotive Department has established provincial characteristic specialty of new energy vehicle technology during the 12th Five Year Plan and the 13th five-year plan.

Offered by the same School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Vehicle Engineering is an interdisciplinary discipline with mechanical engineering, computer science and technology, seeking to advance science and technology in the automotive industry through integration of fundamental professional knowledge and its application in Vehicle Engineering.

Career Prospects

At present, the automotive industry is a growing global industry, and therefore companies expect the most well-prepared young engineers who are aware of the solid theoretical fundamentals, have project experience and can use the latest tools – both hardware and software. Our most graduates are engaged in a variety of work such as design and development, test and research, production management, scientific research, and higher education.

After four years of study in Vehicle Engineering, approximately half of the graduates start a career in the industry, based on a “two-way selection”, qualified as Vehicle Engineering, mechanical engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers or project managers, who can are employed by major car, truck and bus companies, as well as entire automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers, such as Bosch, Ford, Geely, Zhejiang Asia-pacific Mechanical & Electronic, Pingan Insurance, etc.

The other graduates continue to pursue master’s degree under the recommendation and are excused from a test. Their excellent academic performance and extra-curriculum activity gives them an overwhelming advantage in scholarship applications. Many graduates proceed to pursue master’s degree at our own school with familiar supervisors.

Main Courses

  • Fundamentals of Computer Technology
  • Mechanical Drawing
  • Mechanical Precision Design and Measurement
  • Mechanical Control Engineering

Practical: Practice for Engineering Graphics, Practice for Mechanical Design, Experiment of Automotive Structures*, Automotive Performance Test*

Research-focused: Automotive Structure*, Automotive Theory, Automotive Design, Automotive Electronic Control Technology*, Automotive Dynamics Simulation*, ”1+X” professional skills in automotive field Certified Beginner/Intermediate/Senior coursework

Strong Academic Team

The Department of Robotics Engineering has over twenty academic staff with rich industry and research experience. Almost all have Ph. D degrees from world-renowned universities, and over 80 percent have long-term overseas teaching or working experience in English.

Enrollment Advantage

Our students have successively won the excellent award of “Outstanding Student”, “Top Ten Team’ of the excellent team in student social practice. It established ZUST ATTACKER Student Association for Vehicle Enthusiasts, which is the high-profile student association of auto technology in our university. Our students won the grand prizes many times in Formula Student China (FSC), include Formula Student Combustion China (FSCC) and Formula Student Electric China (FSEC).

Students are assigned their personal mentors to guide in course selection, to suggest career paths, to provide additional resources and laboratory access, supervise after-class hands-on projects and competitions, to arrange on-campus part-time positions and industry internship opportunities. Our graduates have achieved excellent GPA performance and numerous competition awards, scholarships, and honors.