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After SPM, many students are in dilemma and do not know which path to choose. This is the time when big decision is to be made in order to chart your next course of study that will eventually determine your next life cycle.

For SPM school leavers, it is good that you know the issue of recognition and acceptance level of these Pre-University studies either locally or internationally. Please click below link to know more about Pre-Universities studies in Malaysia.

After SPM, What's Next ? The Common Questions and Common Routes

And of course, one of the big factor that influences your decision of selection of Pre-U studies is the "Tuition Fee". Education in particular higher education is very market orientated and profit driven in today's world. It is one of the most lucrative product and become a profit center for many countries to attract international students to pursue higher education in their countries. Bear in mind that all the marketing and promotion activities of higher educations come with a cost and this is well factor into your tuition fee that eventually borne by you.

For students or parents who can't afford to pay a high tuition fees, don't be trapped into the situation where you resort to borrowing to finance your or your children higher education. You have a better option by searching  around, do some research and consult with people and you can find a suitable course with reasonable and affordable price that available to you. Please read below post to know more about Student study loan.

Student Loan - borrow or not?

Below are the listing of popular Pre-U studies in Malaysia and China.    

Pre-University Studies in Malaysia 
Source : StudyMalaysia Research Team & Study in Malaysia Handbook (7th International Edition). All figures are estimates and serve only as a guideline. 
(Estimated Fores : USD1 = RM3.2)

Pre-University Studies in China                                                                                                            
1. South China University of Technology International Foundation Program                                            
Registration Fee: RMB450                                                                                                                                  
Tuition Fee: RMB 18,000 per academic year                                                                                                      
Accommodation: RMB 15,000 per year (Single air-conditioned room);                                                              
RMB 8000 per year (Double air-conditioned room)                                                                                            
Medium of Instruction - English                                                                                                                          
Course Duration: One Year                                                                                                                                                                   
2. China University Matriculation Program (CUMP) 中国大学预科

What You Need To Know About CUMP·         

  • Tuition Fees – RM15,500 (inclusive of registration fee and hostel fee in China).
  • Duration – 1 Year
  • Study Location – Suzhou China
  • Requirement – SPM 5As or equivalent qualification
  • CUMP Study Areas – Arts, Science, Commerce and Performance Arts
  • Medium of Instruction – English and Chinese  

Therefore it is good to compare the options available as education in one of the biggest investment in life. You have many choices of pathways to continue your higher education. Select the beat available options that best suit your preference and circumstance and you will reap the benefit of getting high quality higher education with affordable price.

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