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Located in a picturesque site to the south of Dayun Park in Longgang District, the campus of CUHK(SZ) occupies an area of around 100 hectares (1 million sq m) with a buildable area of around 500,000 sq m.

Facilities & Resources

The university provides various facilities and services for the convenience of students, and to make campus life more amenable, diverse, and pleasurable. While the campus of CUHK(SZ) is constructed in phases, the Start Up Zone which has already been completed, provides the followings:

  • Dining Hall
  • Student Hostel
  • Convenience Store
  • Sports facilities
  • Student Centre
  • IT Services
  • 24 Hours ATM Services

Dining Hall

A dining facility which comes in two levels, situates at the northern end of the campus, with Level 1 opens in August 2014 and Level 2 is expected to be open by 2015. The Dining Hall serves both Chinese and Western dishes according to demands, and will meet diverse requirements of staff and students as far as possible. A Dining Hall Committee consisting of student and staff representatives will be formed to monitor the food quality and the services provided, with particular emphasis on hygiene and food safety. Satisfaction surveys will be conducted from time to time and on a regular basis.

Student Hostel

Hostel experience is a core part of students’ campus life. Each hostel room is shared by four students, and is equipped with:

  • a bathroom (with shower)
  • beds (with mattresses) 
  • closets
  • desks and chairs 
  • air-conditioner and fan 
  • water dispenser

The following communal facilities are available on all floors:

  • self-service coin-operated washing machines
  • seminar/activities rooms
  • office of the resident tutor

( It is expected that all students will reside in one of the colleges on campus by September 2016 upon completion of Phase one development. Details of facilities available will be announced in due course. )

Convenience Store

A Convenience Store is operated on campus to provide daily necessities including food, beverages, bread, snacks, personal care products and stationery, ect.

Sports Facilities

To enrich university life and cultivate students’ interests in sports, the university offers a stand-alone indoor stadium on its Start Up Zone campus. The Sports Centre is equipped with a range of sports facilities, including basketball/ badminton courts, table tennis room, dance room and fitness room, etc. A wider variety of sports facilities will be provided upon completion of Phase One and Phase Two of the campus.

Student Centre

The Student Centre aims at adding extra dimensions to students’ life on campus. Various activities rooms including seminar/meeting rooms, reading rooms, piano room and band rehearsal room are available in the Centre. Offices for the Student Union and other student organisations are also provided. The Student Affairs Office which offers a wide range of student services including counselling and guidance services is accommodated in the Centre.

IT Services

The Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) is a technical administration unit to oversee and manage IT resources and infrastructures on campus. It provides the following services and facilities to the campus community:

  1. All members of the university including students will each be provided with a unique user ID and an initial password for identity authentication for access to the University’s Central IT services which includes the Portal, email, network and Internet access.
  2. In the Computer Centre and Information Commons of the Library, over 100 computers are provided with internet access.
  3. Internet access on campus will be provided by ITSC while the student hostels will be served by outside providers.
  4. Wireless Internet Access Services will be provided in all major buildings on campus and marked “Wi-Fi Covered”.
  5. Printing Services are provided both in the Computer Centre and in the Library.
  6. Photo Copying Service and Scan Service are provided in the Library.
  7. Training workshops, web-based training courses and online training materials are available to equip students and staff with knowledge in software applications as well as information security.

For more information, visit the ITSC website or attend training sessions organised by ITSC.

24 Hours ATM Services

ATM of Bank of China (from October 2014) and China Citic Bank (from September 2014) will be available on campus.

Health & Safety


A clinic providing primary medical care is operated on campus by Longgang District People’s Hospital. The clinic is equipped to handle cases of minor complaints and provide basic health consultation and medications. Publicity on health issues and public health education will also be organised from time to time and where warranted.

The clinic opens seven days a week from 8:30 to 21:00.

For enquiries/appointments: 0086 755 84273120


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